1.Facebook has over 1 billion user base with 167 million from USA, 63 million from Brazil and 61 million from India on top three.


2.1 in every 8 people on Earth is on Facebook.

3.Since Facebook launched, its users have produced over 1.13 trillion “likes” 140.3 billion “friend” connections, 219 billion photos uploaded and 17 billion location-tagged posts. Facebook said its users have played 62.6 million songs from its music apps 22 billion times.

4.If you spend 10 minutes in your toilet, on facebook 1,000,000 links shared, 1,484,000 event invites, 1,323,000 photo tags, 1,851,000 status updates, 2,716,000 photo uploads, 2,716,000 messages sent, 10.2 million comments and 1.972 million friend requests are accepted.

5.48% of 18 to 34 year olds check Facebook right when they wake up.

6.Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular Facebook page with over 67 million fans and Michael Jackson with over 53 million comes on second.

7.According to recent reports, more women (about 56%) are using Facebook. Australian’s spend more time per month on Facebook than any other country at over 7 hours on average.

8.Al Pacino’s face was on the original Facebook homepage.

9.A Facebook employee hoodie sold for $4,000 on eBay.

10.Facebook has minted four billionaires: Mark ZuckerbergDustin MoskovitzEduardo Saverin and Sean Parker


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